How can you tell if your lawyer or accountant is honest?

There are ways to tell whether the person you are entrusting with your financial legacy is honest. You can check with your state’s secretary to see whether the lawyer or accountant has been sanctioned for misconduct and why.

To check out a CPA in California, go the the California Department of Consumer Affairs page. Here is the web address for accountants: This page includes a reference to the status of all licensed accountants in the state of California including their status which will have notices of any infractions committed by the licensee as well as action taken by the state against the accountant. Likewise the California bar association has a similar page: As with the California Department of Consumer Affairs page, you can look at the status of any California attorney.

Be sure you do your homework. Don’t depend on the referral of a friend or family member that a professional is qualified. You need to check them out before you entrust anyone with your financial future.

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